Mechanical design

Our team of designers develops internally the entire system with attention to the smallest details.

The design is developed through:

  • construction of a general 2D layout
  • design of the individual components of the system, considering in detail the materials, processes and heat treatments
  • construction of the final 3D layout
  • verification, through 3D simulations, of the correct design

Each phase of the design is shared with the customer in order to respond to their needs in the best possible way.

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems are also designed during this stage.

The design of these systems takes place from the main management group to the individual user devices.

3D simulations allow you to check:

  • robot reachability
  • ability to grip the pieces
  • the correct positioning of all the robot axes
  • system cycle time

Example 1: 2D Layout


Example 2: 3D Layout


Example 3: Pliers with double grip

Example 4: Blowing station