The supervision system allows complete monitoring of the line status. For more efficient management, the structure of the entire line is divided into cells, stations and units. In this way, in the supervision system it is possible to go into detail up to display the single bits of the unit, the parameters and the status of the interface.

The hierarchical structure allows an easier navigation between the various cells and stations in order to focus on a particular physical structure of the plant.
In addition to displaying signals, the system allows you to manage:

  • Reports:
    • System status alerts
    • Alarms and errors
    • System start up information
  • Recipes:
    • Possibility to manage an unlimited number of parameters
  • Batches:
    • Automatic processing of end-of-batch totalizers
    • Work time management
    • Statistical analysis of production 
  • Tool life:
    • Machine tool life management
  • Users
    • Login management
    • Different levels of access
    • Tracking of changes made by logged in users
  • Traceability
    • Historicization of all mechanical or manipulation operations performed on each piece
  • Productivity
    • Analysis of production statistics

The system is completely modular, each of the previous points can be configured and used separately.

In signal management it is possible to:

  • Status display of binary signals
  • View and edit numeric or textual parameters
  • Set the value of output signals

The access levels make it possible to differentiate the operations that individual users can carry out, from loading recipes to managing batches to be produced.

The system database can be exported in any format, also customizable by the customer himself, the export can take place either on a local file on the supervision computer, memory drive or external network path.

The supervision system allows the import and export of production data also directly from the company management system.