About us

We provide solutions for industrial automation with high technological content. The attention to the customer needs is a fundamental stone of our working relationships. The knowledge and skills acquired allow us to be flexible to any customer request, designing and implementing ad-hoc solutions.



The analysis of the customer's needs is a fundamental phase in order to propose a solution that fully responds to all the requests. During this phase, direct contact with the customer is of primary importance in order to obtain as much information as possible. The various intermediate stages that lead to the formulation of the final proposal are also shared with customers.



During the mechanical design, in addition to designing each single component, the reachability of the various robots is also checked, paying particular attention to the management of the singularity points. The design is carried out with 3D drawing tools that allow the execution of operating simulations of the system and the verification of the cycle time.
During the electrical design, each single component is defined, as well as its location, its interface and its method of use. The standardization of the components is a strong point of this phase which allows to reduce development and installation times.



From design to testing, all phases of development are managed staying in touch with the customer.
Contact with the customer is essential for the organization of resources.
Clients are welcome to visit the company to check the development progress.


The company aims to follow the system throughout its life.
The customer is supported in every moment in order to solve any problem as soon as possible and to minimize the downtime. Preventive maintenance is a good starting point to reduce this downtime to a minimum.
The first support tool is remote assistance which allows you to verify the nature of the problem and, if possible, its immediate solution or, if necessary, to organize our direct intervention in the shortest possible time.

We follow our customers with the utmost attention from the first phase of collecting customer needs up to following the automation system for its entire life cycle.

  1. Collection of customer needs
  2. Analysis
  3. Development of an ad-hoc solution
  4. Realization of the system
  5. Post installation assistance